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Related post: Date: Mon, 8 nifty loli repon info Nov 2004 12:19:39 -0800 (PST) From: cal ritchie Subject: On and off the RoadThe only sound emerging from our tight little lolita bbs nude sex group of seven was the occasional gasp of passion as one of us unloaded his wad, either into a waiting mouth or hand. My head pounded with vanessa preteen illegal lolita lust and that crazed 'don't give a fuck now' feeling when your cock is so hard, and the situation is so right that you just motor on blindly. 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Next to me, a guy was noisily feeding on a monster cock, his lips stretched wide and painfully but he wanted it all - he wasn't going to give up when there was meat to eat.There was a slight chill on the darkened foetid air of the toilet block as we worked noiselessly on each other's pleasures. 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The photographs of him that had arrived a week ago addressed to me from a 'concerned friend' and showing him doing just what I was doing right now, were enough to make me realise that I was wasting my time with him, very young lolita galleries and I could have just as much fun. If he wanted free pre teen lolitas to screw other guys then I could do the try me lolita lyrics same, so I made him return my key as took his belongings, and determined to spread myself around just like he'd done.This hostel was my first port of call after having set out six hours previously, so I wasn't doing too badly so far, I figured.The guy I was sucking suddenly grabbed my head between his two hands and pulled my face down hard into his groin just as he came, spunking up into my mouth like a geyser. I took what I could - I really tried - but I had to waste some out of the corners of my mouth. My eyes were still watering - they'd not stopped, thanks to his size - but now my concern was to stop myself from gagging. He kept on thrusting up at me, grunting and gasping, until the flow slowly subsided, and loli bbs ne jp as he loosened his grip on my head, I finished cleaning him off, licking the oozing piss-slit before he rolled away, and another guy moved in and spread himself, presenting me with a beautifully uncut and heavily veined weapon of choice.I love uncut cocks, and I took my time savoring that pink shiny tip that's guarded by the foreskin, with its leaky, slick pre-cum. Just then, the guy who was color climax lolita schoolgirls fucking me began to get agitated, gripping me as he nude lolita blonde russian jerkily shuddered back and forth against me, gasping and choking, so I braced myself as he rode me to a climax, squeezing my eyes shut, and my mouth shaped like an 0 naturists photos preteen lolita in a silent cry when the heat of his cum spread preteen little lolita pictures inside me like a firestorm, as it rose inside me, spewing his jizz far and wide.He pounded against the back of my legs and I tried to keep my lola time bbs lolitas movements steady as I continued to adore the cock top cp lolita pics in my mouth, but he calmed down and slowly slid from me, leaving a cool vacuum where his cock had been, and his cooling drool emerging from my ring to run down the insides of my thighs. Just then, one or two of the guys who'd shot their final wads started to leave.I glanced down at my lia model preteen lolicon asian young lolita pussy watch as I sucked, then my cock buddy tapped me on my arm 2 lolis having sex and I nude adolecent lolita art looked up his lean, free lolita rape galleries muscular youn 12 yo loli body to young lolita pic galleries his handsome, youthful face.. "What say we go to your bunk?" little lolita xxx models he said softly. I let him go from my mouth, rose and pulled him real loli nymphets xxx to his feet. teen girls lolita site "You've got a point there - at least we could get down and dirty in some comfort."He put his arms round my neck and pulled me to him. I was a good foot taller than him, and he gazed up sort of flirty-like and kissed me on the lips. I opened my mouth and our tongues darted together, his warm saliva bathing my tongue and making my cock rise against his belly as he put his hands down between us and held our cocks together, upright, in one hand. He moved against me back, running his other hand up and down my dark lolitas preteen incest sides. "You taste of me," he murmured. "Tastes good.""C'mon," I hot lolita teens models took his arm and hand in hand we walked towards the door, trailing our towels behind us, leaving the remaining guys to fuck and suck alone. I took a peek outside the toilet block door, and there russian lolitas having sex was no one about - and my bunkroom was right opposite - so I went first, darting across the lobby then signalling for him to follow quickly and get into my room.I closed the door behind us, putting the chain across it for security. We didn't want to be disturbed.My room was a four-bunker, with a set of bunks on either side of the door, each with an upper bunk. This was apparently a quiet time at the hostel so I'd been given this room all on to myself, which had turned out to be real handy. He went over to the window and pulled down the blind. "Leave lolita underage pictures free the light off for now," he whispered, then he came back over to where I stood by the bunks, and wrapped his arms around me. We kissed some more and ran our open mouths round each other's faces as our passion rose yet again, leaving free lolita teen movies trails of saliva as our tongues trailed over the flesh.He was a real good-looker with a slightly tanned skin - about 20 I'd have said. the nude lolitas paradise "What's your name?" I murmured in his ear. "Why do you want to know?" "It'll be nice to put a name to lol ta model galery a memory after we leave here." "It's more...private this know ....intimate preteen nymphets lolita top strangers...passing through and touching each other's lolita preteen toplist 100 lives for real russian lolita action a brief moment." "You're a romantic," I said. "Why do you smile?" "I didn't lolita nymphet nudists nudism think there were any romantics left out there." He lolitas preteen pic models laughed, a warm friendly laugh. "I'm a whore, just like you," he said quietly, "I just try to give lolita cunts small models the adventure some warmth. It's lolita nymphet top bbs all sex and cumming and we'll probably never meet again, so let's make our encounter as exciting as we can." "You excite me, young Mr. Secrecy." "And you certainly excite me."With that he dropped to his knees, spreading them as he took me into his mouth and preteen lolita pix forum tightening his lips around the head as I slid all the way in. He was eager, licking and lapping cs magazine lolita island at my engorged length as though it was the best present he'd ever had. He held my shaft tenderly with one hand as he sucked, while the other hand reached up and ran lightly over my six-pack, caressing my little lolita 9 yo skin with quick, gentle fingers. My eyes stayed on him little skinny lolita slut as lolitas underage cartoons free he worked, and occasionally he'd peer up as far as he could raise his eyes to meet my gaze, grinning round my cock-head as he paid lip service to me.Watching him give so much tenderness and care in fellating me I wanted to make this meeting last as long as possible; I wanted to fuck him lolita video angels nude and have him fuck me, long and hard.He ran his hand up under me, dipped into my asshole with his index finger then two more lolita models pictures forum fingers, up to the knuckle. I writhed on them, watching as he let my top lolita a lolita cock slide slowly from his mouth, fdree top lol models almost all the way, before sucking me right back in again and sending shockwaves throughout the length of my body.I could sense that I was easing into cum mode and decided that I'd go with it - it was the least I could do for such a diligent cock-sucker so I let that delicious tingle grow, and carry me along with it as my shaft swelled and child lolita shaved pussy filled his mouth. He'd now sensed that I was about to drop my load so he slowed his sucking motions until he was gently swallowing my whole length from head 15 yo lolitas models to bush before moving halfway back up the stem then tightening his lips around it while licking my piss-slit.He was driving me mad with desire and he knew it.He did that repeatedly until I could take no more and simply had to let go, and his eyes suddenly shut tight as I flooded his mouth, and little white trickles soon forced their way through at the corners of his mouth. He held one hand under his chin, as my juice oozed out from hardcore lolita porn pics between his lips, then he pulled my cock out as it still spurted cum, flinging his head back, top bbs lolita sex his eyes fixed on mine, then opened his mouth wide as if to show me the white viscous load he was holding there before swallowing.All the time my cock leapt in custom gothic lolita corsets his hand, sending further pulses of hot spunk, the flow gradually slowing as he brought his head back to my piss-slit and ran his lips over the end before licking his fingers clean.I swayed for a moment before pulling him to his feet and then kissed him full on his open, splashed mouth as we passed my jizz back and forth between us until he'd finished swallowing."Good?" he asked, russian lolas preview teen gasping, his face flushed and white-flecked. "The best."Just then, from the room next door there came a thud against the wall and a muffled cry. "Oh fuck!! YES! YES!" I looked at lolita preteens pussy pics him and we both grinned. "Sounds like someone's got the honeymoon suite!" he murmured. Again the cries came. "OH FUCK ME! FUCK ME! Oh YESS!!!" I pedo preteen lolita list mouthed, mimicking'Fuck me! Oh Yes!' and he laughed behind his hand - on the assumption that if we could hear them they could hear us.Then the bunk next door began to creak, first in teen lolli art nude a rapid regular rhythm, then becoming faster and faster, while the cries continued though now they were slightly top 1 lolita paysites muffled.There came a last desperate, anguished cry, which was cut off abruptly, followed by a nude preeteen lolita galleries long sigh 12 yo naked loli until at last it seemed to be over, and the creaking stopped.He held my drained cock in his hand, then moved and caressed me preteen lolitas hot sex again. I wiped some more flecks of cum from his cheek. "You'd like me to fuck you?" he asked quietly. "Only if I can fuck you afterwards." "Seems fair to me," he lolita top pthc bbs smiled again, and I took a lolita link forums cp tube of lube from the low cabinet next to the bunk then he lay back top 100 nn lolitas on the bunk while I smeared some teeny porn loli bbs lube over his beautiful cock and lolita 12 yo link them smeared some round my ring.I flung the tube onto the top bunk as I moved over and straddled his thighs.Kneeling either side of him I slowly lowered myself onto his body while he held his cock firmly upright until the tip was against my puckered nude little latina lolitas ring, then I sank onto him taking his warm, hard flesh up into me. With a gasp, he flung his head back against the pillow, mouth wide open and eyes closed as I sat flat stride his super preteen glamour lolitas abdomen, then he rested his hands on my hips and brought his head forward as our eyes met. "You have a beautiful ass," he murmured in a slightly shaky voice, stroking my skin. "So I've been told." I lolita non nude pix began to rise on him, his cock leaving me, briefly, before I lowered myself onto him again, making him open his eyes and mouth wide in a silent cry. There's no feeling lolita russian sex sex of excitement anywhere in the world to compare with that of a man's hard, firm cock fully erect inside your body, stretching and seeking and exploring the wonders of the inner man. I shivered with pleasure and watched his face as the expressions of ecstasy showed.He opened little lolitas nude photos his mouth again, as I wriggled on him and his hands gripped my thighs a little tighter.Unless I was very much mistaken, he looked like he wasn't too far from climaxing."Oh God," he hissed. "That's good! That's so fucking good!" I rose from him again, my eyes not leaving him for a moment as again I wriggled, and again his face twisted in an agony of hentai lolitas young toplist passion. "Don't...don't do that or...I...I'm...gonna...ooooohhh!" he murmured, half talking to himself as he tried to get a grip. angelslolitas and virgins models "Gettin' to you?" I spoke softly as if not to disturb his thoughts. "Oh fuckohfuckohfuck!" Was all he could say.I rose slowly once more, dragging his cock from me and his mouth formed an O, hands clutched the empty air as I lifted my body from him, until just the very tip of his free nude lolita links cock was left inside me, before sinking back down, even slower, to feel his bush bristling wetly ukraine preteen lolitas bbs against my ass cheeks.I was in control and he knew it.He could think all the non-sexual thoughts he lo bbs nude lolitas liked, but he was going to shoot his load little loli lolita models up inside me before very long and he knew it.I began to play with him again, giving that sexy little wiggle before rising and falling faster a half dozen times, and enjoying watching his expression change as I drove lolita cp illegal xxx him out of his skull. His forehead was shiny with sweat, and his hands flailed in the air as if fighting against the inevitable "No more! Oh please loli preteen russian nude no more, I can't take it...I'm gonna....oh FUCK! Here it comes you fuckin' BITCH!"He gripped my thighs tightly, his face a distorted mask, as if glaring at me for bringing him to this, and a tiny hot stab in my guts told me he'd totally lost the plot as his thighs rose beneath me while I pressed down on him as h finally let portal de lolitas mixedlolitas go his bbw lolitas anal creampies load. He voiced an enormous, hoarse roar, spraying spit and saliva lolicon pthc preteen cp up at me while his boiling spunk filled me. The force of his orgasm took me aback, almost as if he'd not made love for days - it was the sort of load I'd have expected from a marine on leave for the first time in years.I relished the inner heat as naked preteen sex lolita his essence little lolita preteen anal flooded me, while he shuddered and writhed beneath me, his head thrashing back and forth against the pillow until he flung his head right back, and kept it there, as I felt the flow subside within me, which was when I raised myself from him, feeling, and hearing his spunk bubbling out from me, gushing down the insides of my thigh and onto his groin.Swinging ukraine preteen lolita galleries myself over, I young virgin lolitas lolitas lay down lolita bbs nude kid and stretched out alongside him on the bunk, and he turned his head sleepily towards me, then reached down his hand and brought it back lolicon small breasted girls up with cum hanging from it like lace curtains.We kissed and his lips and breath now almost scalded my face.And I wanted him.Fuck how I wanted him!Reaching out for the towels that we'd lolitas nn manias link flung on the floor as we'd come into my room, I bunched them up and gave them to him young hot loli models so he could mop up the cum - and we both had to do it because there was just so fucking much - and all the time my own erection was young video russian lolita hard and painful and swaying around drooling pre-cum like a leaky faucet. He looked down and saw my cock, straining up and dark-headed ready to explode. "You want me?" he asked in a pleading voice. "I want you so much,"I was surprised how hoarse and urgent my voice had become, with longing for his ass.He turned over towards me, laying on his side and stroking my face and looking deep into my eyes, then he rested up onto his elbow before rising and moving over me, then he slid off the bunk to stand and look down at me. "Fuck me from behind. Like I'm your whore," he said quietly, grabbing the tube of lube and smearing it generously behind him. I shifted over as he slid onto the bunk next to me, rolled onto his belly with his ass raised in the air.I didn't need an engraved invitation.
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